Are you tired of waiting for a Page, Groups or profiles to publish a post so you can publish it on your pages or you want to clone posts to your pages ? You can now leave this mission to Bino Posts Scraper & Publisher.

Two Functions in One Tool

You can with Bino scrape upcoming posts (newly published posts), or you can scrape all existing posts.

Scrape And Publish

With Bino, you have choice to scrape and publish posts or just scrape them so you can export,download and visualize posts.

Many Options and Filters

The tool has many options as exporting, sorting, downloading ,searching and also allows you to apply various filters to the scraped posts before they are published on your pages.

Video Tutorial (Pages version)

Video Tutorial (Group and Profiles version)

Ultimate Control Over Your Complete Autopilot

Easy navigation and user friendly

Everything in the interface table is understandable and easy to learn.

Scraping and publishing posts are also fast with detailed information and description.

Advanced Settings & Filters

Basic and advanced settings allow you to customize your post according to what will work best for you and your page.

It gives you a stress-free and relaxing way to manage your multiple pages whenever, wherever possible since it would run in auto pilot.

Whats you can do with Bino

All the features you need and more.

  • Scrape newly published posts from Pages, Groups and profiles.
  • Publish newly published posts.
  • Schedule newly published posts.
  • Scrape all existing posts from Pages, Groups and profiles.
  • Publish all existing posts.
  • Schedule all existing posts.
  • Scrape videos, photos, albums, links and gifs.
  • Search posts.
  • Scrape on multiple page, Groups and Profiles.
  • Publish on multiple page.
  • Advenced deley control.
  • Set number of likes, comments, shares of posts to scrape.
  • Filter posts description.
  • Remove, edit, replace words on posts description.
  • Download videos, photos by one or in bulk.
  • Exporting data.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers